Friday, June 6, 2008

Pledge your support now!

World Environment Day has just passed by on June5, 2008.
We all talk about saving the environment but do we have the backbone to back a real cause?
We are all very busy running to offices/shops to earn our livelihood...can we just spare a minute and pledge our support for the cause of saving 'Shiv Vatika' park located in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, India.
If you want to support this cause, just express yourself here or vote what you think!
Let the world know your strength of mind and courage of conviction!
PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT NOW by posting your view here and passing on this link to your friends and family!
We can all bring a change, lets make a beginning now...

Link to letter on behalf of aggrieved residents of the locality to the authorities

Link to newspaper article

Dear All,
Please refer to the following link for the full story-

Saturday, May 31, 2008


We have a beautiful park in Shalimar Bagh covering 4000 sq.mts. which has about 80 fully grown trees of eucalyptus,peepul, neem etc..where at least 300 people come daily for walking, exercising, jogging,pranayam,yoga and martial arts. People ranging from 1yr to 90 yrs old come here.
There are a number of activities and clubs here. "Senior citizens club", "Ladies Yoga Class","Spiritual Discourses group" are just a few of them.
In short, this park is the lifeline of people living around here.
There is a proposal to build an underground multistoreyed car park here about which the residents have come to know only through newspaper clippings! Imagine that...its like getting to know that your daughter is married from your neighbour when she is still living in your house!

No consultations and discussions were made with the local residents about the parking lot – it
was a unilateral decision. The residents were in the dark and had no idea about this proposal.

PLEDGE your support now and raise your voice!